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Small things that matter

 Have you ever noticed how busy our lives may become?

  For me, for a while, it has been just do, do, do. Pushing myself, trying to get things I like in life OR get financially secure, so I could buy things that I like. I don't know if that 's the case with you, but I definitely feel this way. Hell yeah, I'll be honest, I want to be Rich. So I could switch from being a full-time college student, and having a full-time job to having a more settled way of life.

   I want to have a house somewhere in Colorado, a beautiful wife, and great kids. I also want to travel several times a year, do yoga in the morning at a lake near by, have a couple of friends, and a hobby that provides enough money to sustain that way of life. It might be a generic immigrant dream, but that is what I want, and I will work hard for it, always searching for more efficient ways to get there.

   But some times we just have to stop doing things for ourselves and do something for others. Today I was working on a project for a non profit organization and later that day received a nice Thank you message via Facebook for the help I had given them.

The message read: 
"We want to take a moment and thank one of our trusty Interns from Norwalk Community College, Alexander Hvastovich for doing such a great job maintaining our website and social media networks......AND he is also doing some one on one mentoring with one of our kids in our program!!!! CHECK OUT ALL OF HIS HARD WORK AT OUR WEBSITE:----> Thank you so much Alex......You Rock!!!....." 

I felt really good. Although I think I really didn't do much, it's still a good feeling to know that you helped some one and they appreciated it.

I know there are some readers from USA here. If you could be so kind and like their page via built in FB widget, that would be great =).

Do a little help, please =)

Thank you!

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