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Ораторское мастерство как инструмент для адаптации и достижения успеха

 Всем привет!

Я про мои занятия по ораторскому мастерству. Эти курсы называются Toastmasters , классы проводятся по всем Соединенным Штатам. Если вы хотите найти друзей и научится эффективно общаться, рекомендую начать именно с них.

The first task is to tell a little bit about your self.

Then tell something on a theme that was given to you.

All should take approx 4 - 6 minutes.

OK here I go.

 Ice Braking
   Hi every body!

   My name is Alex. I'm 23 years old, Belarusian by nationality. Don't ask me where it is =). Interesting fact about me: my birthday is on 29th of February. So I actually was born on a leap day, which takes place once in four years. But what even more interesting, that my father's birthday is on 29th of February as well. And that is pretty rear.

   My interests include psychology, yoga, coaching, self improvement, good movies and cartoons. I don't really now how cartoons got on that list, but I really love to watch them. What I do in my life? Well, besides working as a security guard, I study as a professional life coach, and I lead a blog on immigration stress. I have a desire to help people find their true self and achieve their goals. I believe that healthy relationship, doing what you really love in your life, sense of meaning and good health are the key components of human happiness.

   There is a bad side of me I want everybody to know, I'm really stressed out being an immigrant. Because I am relatively new in the USA, approx 3 years, I'm still going threw process of adaptation, its a lot of new experiences for me, which some times hard to keep up with mentally. I do miss my friends and places where I grew up.
   And one more thing, if I don't smile and look angry, please don't think that I am. That is because when I'm upset or in deep thoughts I shift from being American back to being Belarusian. You will not believe me, but it's very uncommon to smile in my country, especially to strangers, people are used to look angry and serious.

There is even a joke about that. USA Company sends their manager to Belarusian branch to train how to conduct a successful sale. So the manager tell the local sale person.

Manager: You have to smile when you talk to a customer. It will make you look and feel better, as well as the customer. Now try it, smile, a little bit more. So how does it feel?

Sale person: My face hurts.

So that's a little something about me. Now to my theme.

The theme is events of 2010 and the title is

"What is gone"

   So the year is almost over, and a lot happened in our lives during that year. Now all of those events are gone now, in past and they don't exist in present any more. Did a lot change in your live? I bet, and somethings were good, some were not. But are they really gone? Can any of them be undone? Off course not, unless you have a time machine. And if you do, can I be your best friend?
   For the rest of you mortal. The past is gone, but we still have our memories of those events and consequences in present. Even thou we can't undo anything, we still can change a lot. We can appreciate the good times more and for the bad times, just change the perspective in which you look at them. Ask your self what can I learn from bad things and what they gave me. And I bet they changed you a lot, you became stronger, wiser, more mature. So by changing the way you think about your past you actually change your present and as a result your future. OK its clear with memories now, but how about consequences? How we change them? Well those are changed by ACTION in our present. 

 So past is gone, and soon 2010 will be gone with it. But we still can change the way it affects our lives.

   Thank you.

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