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Thoughts after visiting funeral home

 This post is a part of my school assignment for Death and Dying class

drops of rain
There are a lot of different thoughts that this visits brought up, most of them are questions that I ask myself over and over again. I think:  “why are we here?”, “how does it feel to die?”, “is death the end of existence?” and it is really scary not to know, but it also scary to know. 

What if the death is really end everything, forever?


Hard to accept and definitely scary to realize - that someday you will die too, as well as your parents, your friends - everybody. I don’t want to be too lyrical about it, but it just sucks, you know.   

And I think that fear pushes a lot of great minds to resolve that mystery or at least learn how to avoid death. 

First, in form of religion and now also in form of science. I believe that one day we will find a way to dodge death. I’m not sure that we will ever know what’s behind that door, but we might discover ways to preserve our bodies or have our brain function as a part of machine, so people could choose to die if they feel that they are ready to go. 

May be I’m just saying this because I’m young and some people that are  in their wisdom years feel like it’s their time to go and they lived enough, I don’t know. 

About funeral house set up and organization process, I can say only that they got you covered, they follow rituals and whatever you ask them to do, they will do it, as long as it is legal and you can afford this. It is not really important, I mean there are so many traditions and ways to say good bye, just choose one you like. 

But what really shocked me, is that how expensive it is, like relatives don’t have enough to deal with. 

If I could, I would rather prefer to have a grave somewhere on my land, not too far away from my family house, just dig a grave put me in and cover me with earth. That’s it. I don’t really understand why everything has to be business. People make money even on death. 

 Here is the video about the visit:  

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  1. There is another shocking thought that we as emigrants are not accustom to - You can actually ask for discounts and not to pay sticker price.
    As if this is a regular open air market where you can say "No, this is too expensive" and actually receive a discount.
    We have gone through two funerals and learned this only during the second one.


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